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Customer Testimonials

Our customers are the lifeblood of our company. Here are some of the things they've had to say about Armagillo. 

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Just wanted to say that I got my Armagillo set a couple months ago and I couldn't wait to use it. I just used it this past weekend and let me tell you- it's awesome. It performed as well if not better than the project description said. It kept my head cool while playing and offered a lot of protection. I took 3 hits to the back of the head and while those hits jostled me a bit, the impact did not hurt me nor did they leave marks. Not to mention the wrap looked badass. Thanks for a great product!

-Jack S
Team Inglorious paintball

Got to test out the new Ruin Bandana yesterday at Zombie Invasion. I wore it around my neck, with the my elite headband and voodoo mesh inserts. The bandana is very comfortable. It was cold and windy in the morning, and it actually kept my neck and face warm. And as it warmed up, and the game went on, it never got too hot, it actually seemed like the temperature underneath it stayed the same whether it was hot or cold. second half of the game I let my friend use it on his head as a wrap after he got shot on the top of the head real hard, and he said it was great. No paint broke on it while either of us wore it. I love it. Thanks Armagillo! 


Alpha Omega Paintball Team


Just a quick note of support for the Armagillo. I've now been through all four seasons in one and absolutely LOVE it. I can't say enough good things about it. I actually bought two of them-one for me and one for my son. We both wear them EVERY time we go out. I have tons of protection, TONS of bounces and they absorb sweat like crazy-EVEN ON THE HOTTEST DAYS!!! Thanks Armagillo!!!


- Daniel A


Just got my Ruin bandana yesterday and tried a few things to see how effective it is. I took 3 shots to the forehead , asked for a paint check and found out the paintball richocheted off my head. No welt, no pain and not out of the game , Can you ask for anything more? Thanks Graeme




I'm really blown away by the service you guys provide. Answered my e-mail really fast and my gloves got here so quickly. I'm always happy when a company delivers like that.




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