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There are very few fabrics on the market that can compete with our advanced Voodoo Mesh.


It is 100% made in America ensuring the highest quality. Each strand can withstand forces up to 50lbs and have large air holes for an unmatched breath-ability to protection ratio. The Voodoo mesh has a fray limit so the edges do not require finishing, meaning you can cut them to your desired length without affecting the life span of your dreads. To top it off they are incredibly easy to wash, the 100% polyester construction makes paint vanish with a rinse leaving your dreads looking like new, use after use!

Voodoo Mesh.jpg

Black Voodoo Mesh Dread Inserts

*Two Dread Inserts are recomended for Elite Headbands, One for our Dreadwraps.*


Bone White Voodoo Mesh Dreads (Can be dyed using iDye for Polyester)

​The Armagillo Voodoo Dreads

  • American Made Spacer Mesh Fabric

  • Handmade in Canada

  • 3.8mm Padded Protection per layer

  • Flow Through Air Holes

  • Modular Design

  • Compatible with all Armagillo Headbands/Dreadwraps

  • 100% Polyester

  • Incredibly strong, each strand can hold 50lb of weight

  • Ships from the USA

  • Paint washes out completely with basic rinse

  • Requires Armagillo Elite Headband or Dreadwrap

Available Colors:

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