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How to wear your Gillo Dreads

How to wear the Armagillo Elite Headband with dreads:

1. Adjust your mask strap longer by about 1-2 inches
2. Leaning over forward tie the headband around your head (Dreads hanging away from you)
3. Using both hands, bring the dreads over the top of your head as you stand upright (you may want to look upward to keep the dreads from falling to the sides)
4. Place your mask on your face and then bring the strap over your head and dreads (this will hold the dreads in place)
5. Now you can tuck in and pull tight any loose dreads, this may take some practice in a mirror to get just right but once you have it mastered, you will find it quick and easy to put your dreads on anywhere.

How to wear the Armagillo dreadwrap:

Adjust your mask strap longer by about 1 inch. If you have no dread inserts simply tie the Dreadwrap on your head similar to how you would a bandana. If you have dread inserts, do the same, tying the headwrap straps over the dreads while looking up. This will hold everything in place.

Cleaning your Dreadwrap and Dreads:

To wash your Dreadwrap or Elite headband, either handwash or machine wash in cold water then hang dry.

Dread inserts can be machine washed and machine dried but it is suggested to put in a washer bag to reduce the chance of tangling 

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