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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do Armagillos fit all heads?

Yes, all Gillo Dreads are designed with a moisture air mesh strap that is tied around the head similar to a headband. This means every set will fit any head shape and size. In addition the protective strands of the Armagillo are made long so players can easily cut them to their ideal length.


Do your fabrics fray?

No, the advanced mesh layers of the Armagillo Elite are made in such a way that fray is not possible. 


How does the Armagillo protect my head?

The Armagillo Elite is a double layered headband capable of accepting protective dread inserts, providing top-of-head and neck protection. The advanced fabrics have a sponge-like quality to them creating a padded barrier between your skull and high speed paintballs. It's up to you how many, super lightweight, layers you'd like to add.


Do you offer custom designs?

We no longer offer custom designs however the separate parts of our Armagillo Elite allow you to create your own style by mix and matching headbands with our many dread insert options. 

Are there more colour options?

All colours options are displayed on our website but we do release a new dread colour every few months. It is also possible to dye our Bone White Dreads using iDye for Polyester.


Does Armagillo offer team sponsorships?

Armagillo does have team sponsorship options available for eligible teams. If your team would like more information and to find out if you are eligible, please contact us directly at


How do I wash my Armagillo product?

We recommend hand washing all of our products for maximum lifespan but below are your other options:


Our Elite Headbands can be machine washed although hang drying is recommended.


Our Dread inserts can survive many machine washes. If you choose to dry the dreads using a machine, put them in a fabric washing bag to eliminate the small risk of them becoming tangled. Hang drying is recommended.


How do I wear my Armagillo Headgear?

Click here for a video showing how to wear your Armagillo Elite headwrap or Dreadwrap


Are all Armagillo products made in Canada?

All Armagillo headgear including Elite headbands, Voodoo Mesh Inserts, Beanies and Bandannas are made in Canada. We even use Canadian and American made fabrics when possible. Remaining Armagillo products are produced overseas by high quality manufacturers.


Where did the name Armagillo come from?

The name Armagillo came from the words Armour and Ghillie while sticking with the concept of the armadillo using a protective outer layer to defend against attacks.

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