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Elite Headgear starts with Elite Materials

Voodoo Mesh​ 

Thickness: 3.8mm

Construction: 100% Polyester

Made in the USA


​Voodoo Mesh is our ultimate fabric when it comes to breathability and protection. Large holes passing right through the fabric let the cool air in and the heat out while the nearly 4mm of padding per layer creates a cushioned barrier between your skull and high speed paintballs.

Coated CORDURA Fabric

Thickness: Very Thin

Construction: Nylon with Polyurethane coating


This fabric is used as the outer (faceplate) fabric on all our Elite Headbands. 

10 X More durable than Cotton Duck

3 X More durable than standard polyester

2 X More durable than Nylon

Coated CORDURA fabric is Lightweight, Quick Drying and highly water repellant with excellent resistance to Fading, Abrasion, Rot and Mildew. Finally a headband that will stand up to hours of Sun exposure and intense paintball combat.



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