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The newest innovation in Armagillo Headwear, the Dreadwrap was designed for paintballers who live and breath the sport.


When compared to our Elite Headband the Dreadwrap offers slightly less protection in exchange for enhanced breath-ability and hot weather performance. The wider, thinner profile is designed to fit flush under any mask. It has been made with a thin fabric headwrap for sun protection (or keeping paint out your hair) and the ability to accept our Voodoo Mesh Dread Inserts.

Unlike the Elite Headband which was designed for maximum protection (recommended to use two dread inserts), the Dreadwrap works best with a single Dread Insert, making it the lighter and cooler choice for hot conditions or when less protection is required.


Black Dreadwrap with Black Voodoo Mesh inserts. - Photo by Rogue Vixen

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​The Armagillo Dreadwrap

  • American Made Spacer Mesh Fabrics

  • Handmade in Canada

  • Genuine Camouflage Patterns

  • Moisture Wicking

  • Modular Design

  • Compatible with all Armagillo Dreads 

  • One Size Fits All

  • Has built-in thin headwrap for sun

  • Ships from the USA

  • Dreads Sold Separately

Multicam Dreadwrap with no inserts. - Photo by Aaron Dill Media - Photo of @wolfpaintball

Available Colors:

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