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*ULTRA RARE Beast Headbands from Private Collection have become available!*
Contact for details and offers.

For most paintballers a headband is merely a piece of fabric to keep sweat out the eyes or cover exposed skin... but for others it makes a statement beyond function. It is a symbol of something more, something that is driven by passion and the desire to push beyond the limits others have set. It is for those paintballers that Armagillo created the Elite headband and it is because of those same paintballers that we created the extremely limited edition "Beast Collection" of Armagillo headbands. 

Each headband in the Beast Collection was physically numbered and packaged in a hard case along with headband information such as unit number, date of manufacture and signature of authenticity.  

Below are the limited editions of the collection including an interesting fact on each one.





Series 1 "Black Heart" (First Edition)


30 were made.

This headband came packaged in a Red Berkley box and was sold to buyers from Seven countries around the world making it the widest reaching collectors headband and one of the hardest to come by.

Series 2 "Venom" 

Valued at $90.00 USD

30 were made.

This was the first white headband ever made by Armagillo.

Series 3 "Prophecy"


30 were made.

This headband was revealed at the first Shoreline event in North America.

Series 4 "Toxic" 

Valued at $100.00 USD

30 were made.

The Toxic headband was released at PRZ Paintball in October 2014 and is the first paintball headband to feature fuax Ostrich Leather.


Series 5 "Bubblegum"


30 were made.

This was the first ever Armagillo headband to have a coloured headstrap and remains one of the boldest colour combinations we've produced.


Series 6 "King" 

- Headband #2 of 30 Available! MINT CON. IN BOX

Valued at $200.00 USD

30 were made.

The King headband featured a metalic gold front panel making it one of the most unusual paintball headbands on the market. 



Series 7 "Frost" 

20 were made.

Frost was the first Armgillo headband to feature our metal logo emblem.



Series 8 "Cold Steel"


20 were made.

This headband was an instant favorite and the first primarily grey Armagillo headband. 

Series 9 "Prestige"


20 were made.

This colour combo was inspired by the Red and Tan 458 Ferrari.


Series 10 "Killer Bee" 

- Headband #2 of 20 Available! MINT CON. IN BOX

Valued at $100.00 USD

20 were made.

This headband was the only one in the collection to feature a bovine faux leather. This soft leather has the instant feel of luxury to the touch.

Series 11 "Demon"


20 were made.

The Demon headband was the most anticipated headband of the 2015 Beast Collection. Some buyers waited months for it to be revealed and ultimately sold out in record time.

Series 12 "MAN" (Final Elite edition)

- Headband #1 of 20 Available! MINT CON. IN BOX

Valued at $300.00 USD

20 were made.

This vinyl Carbon fiber headband remains one of the most sought after headbands in the Beast Collection.


Series 13 "XIII"

20 were made.

XIII was the first Dreadwrap to enter the Beast Collection and a personal favorite of designer "GilloGraeme"


Series 14 "Illuminati"

Release date: TBA

Designed, manufactured and ready for release when something was discovered that put it's reveal on hold indefinitely. 

Series 15 "BLOODLINE"

20 were made.

We are all in some way connected. This Dreadwrap pays respect to those who came before us. 


Series 16 "Sandman"

Release date: TBA

Although the initial release of this Dreadwrap was put on hold in 2017, it's new release is being planned.

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